Code Of Conduct

1. All persons attending matches controlled by the league do so with the permission of the league.

2. At the time of registration, or at some other time, all players, coaches, trainers and other persons are to be handed a copy of this code.

3. All players, coaches, trainers and other persons must agree to be bound by this code. 4. No person attending a match controlled by the league shall:-

(a) use offensive or obscene language to any player, referee, touch judge, official or spectator.

(b) enter the field of play during the course of a match without prior approval of the home club executive or group executive or group director acting as an official of the league.

(c) assault or act with aggression to any other person.

(d) behave in any way contrary to the spirit of the game.

(e) behave in any manner which disturbs the enjoyment of the match by any other person, or brings discredit to the league.

(f) act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance by language or conduct to any other person

(g) refuse to accept reasonable direction by the home club executive, visiting club executive, or group executive or board member, acting as an official of the league.

5.1 in the event that the offending person, or persons, do not desist from the offending conduct, such person, or persons, will be asked to leave the ground and be advised that the police are being called.

5.2 in the event that the offending person, or persons, are members of either participating club, they shall be reported to the league by way of an official citing, which may result in the person, or persons, or club or official or all of the former, being asked to appear before the league.

6. Abuse to referees, touch judges or officials of the league, by players, coaches, trainers or club members will result in the offending person, or persons, being cited to appear before the league.

7. Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their members and players, voluntary workers and coaching and training staff.

8. Clubs which do not exercise control over their members, players or spectators, may be called upon, by the league, to accept responsibility for breaches of any of the preceding rules. If, being found guilty of the alleged misconduct by the group board of management, or by the general committee, the following penalties shall apply;

(a) for a first offence. A fine, not exceeding $500-00 and/or loss of competition points, and/or the suspension of the offender from attending future matches of the league.

(b) for a second offence in the same season. The temporary suspension of the team, and/or the club, from the competition.

(c) for a third offence in the same season; suspension of the team, and/or club, for either the rest of the season or permanently.

9. Where a team does not have a club secretary at the ground, any request or direction made by a home club secretary, executive member, or group executive member or group director, to any official of that team, or official of that team or official of that teams club, shall be regarded as a direction to the club secretary for the purposes of this code.

Warning: No glass bottles are permitted at group 9 grounds.

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